About Me

I read my first romance novel when I was a teenager. It was Harlequin’s The Inshine Girl by Margery Hilton and I still have it. From the moment I finished it, I was hooked.  I became a voracious consumer of romance, barely able to wait each month for the latest release. The adventures I found within the pages, the bravery and character of the heroines, reinforced those things I’d always believed; that good always wins, the girl eventually gets her prince, and if the ending isn’t happy, it just means you have one more chapter to go.

It only got better and more personal when I read my first Inspirational Romance and found Jesus Christ added to the trials and eventual triumphs of the characters.  Writing these novels has become a passion and a labor of love. I hope you enjoy the results.

My Cowboy Prince Charming and I have two wonderful children and have been married for thirty-seven years. While we don’t have a castle, we do have a few acres just outside Round Top, Texas.  It’s the perfect place to put your boots up, listen to the silence, and write about romance.


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